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Intellectual Property Insurance

Enforcement Insurance
A unique, plaintiff’s policy to help your customers pay the cost to enforce Intellectual Property rights.

Inventpro® Enforcement Insurance
A starter Enforcement Policy for inventors, start-ups and small companies with limited Intellectual Property.

Defence Insurance
The solution to the gap left in traditional insurance policies for Intellectual Property risks to help your customers pay the cost to defend charges of IP infringement.

Intellectual Property Business Interruption Insurance
A first-party coverage, business interruption policy due to the loss of the insured Intellectual Property litigation.

Unauthorised Disclosure Insurance
Coverage for the unintentional exposure of a third party’s entrusted confidential information.

Troll Defence Insurance
Specifically covers infringement charges brought by pre-identified patent trolls and/or troll-related patents.

Post Grant Patent Defence Insurance
Provides coverage for inventors by paying the legal costs of responding to AIA (American Invents Act) actions and maintaining the validity of the patent in question.

Collateral Protection Insurance
The policy allows using patents as collateral for a loan, with loan default covered by the insurance.

Not sure that Intellectual Property Insurance is right for you? To assess your risk, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there pending or issued patents, trademarks, trade secrets or copyrights?
  • Is your company responsible for safeguarding a third party’s confidential information?
  • Does your business have sought-after technology on its products and/or processes?
  • How competitive is your market space?
  • What is your current market share? Are you a threat to an existing competitor?
  • Is your company concerned about being involved in an Intellectual Property infringement lawsuit?
  • Does your company have the ability to self-insure an Intellectual Property infringement lawsuit?
  • Are there up-to-date Intellectual Property risk management strategies in place?
  • Does your company have an obligation to contractually indemnify another party against Intellectual Property infringement costs?
  • Is insurance required to satisfy the requirement?
  • Are measures in place to license products, processes and/or Intellectual Property?
  • Is there a recovery plan in place in the event of the loss of an Intellectual Property lawsuit?
  • Does your company operate in an industry plagued by NPE/Patent Troll-induced patent litigation?

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