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Why do Game Developers need insurance?

The games industry is continually rising and with its successful growth, it’s important for game developers to insure themselves against the risks they encounter in the industry. Businesses in every industry face a range of standard risks, but game developers, in particular, are exposed to additional complex risks, including cyber issues and product liability.

At GG Insurance Services, we work with our clients to individually tailor our insurance services to meet their businesses activities.

Our product covers:

  • Professional Indemnity with Cyber
  • Employers Liability
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Buildings & Contents Insurance
  • Business Interruption
  • Travel Insurance
  • Legal Expenses
  • Data Breach Service
  • Senior Executives Replacement
  • DOS Website Recovery Service

Available Products

Our products will cover your legal requirements as well as a suite of other products which have been tailored exclusively for the games industry. From professional indemnity which includes software copyright, software coding and defamation to a data breach service.

Professional indemnity covers you if a client alleges you have been negligent in your advice, services or designs. We will pay the legal expense to defend the claim, and also pay damages to settle the claim. It may be a contractual requirement that a firm carries professional indemnity insurance.

There are many different types of professional indemnity insurance. GG Insurance has worked closely with insurers to create a bespoke product specifically tailored to the Games Industry.

Also included are the following specialised coverages that are provided by GG Insurance:

Software Copyright
While developing a game, developers could allegedly infringe copyright in the code. Our product will pay for defence costs and damages.

Idea or Concept
If a game is successful, another game developer may allege that the idea of the game was stolen and sue for breach of copyright. Our policy will pay for defence costs and damages.

Content license
As with a film or other media production, various licenses are often required to use the content. For example, a sports star may allege that there is a likeness of one of the characters or a car manufacturer may allege a license to use a car brand was not obtained. This can also apply to buildings, music and many other scenarios. Our policy will pay for defence costs and damages if the breach was unintentional.

Software Coding
There can be problems with the quality of the coding, for example, brought on by inexperience, feature creep, ambitious scope. If reasonable care and skill were not taken, then the allegation would trigger a negligence claim. Our policy will pay defence costs and damages.

If you host a forum or blog, user-generated content on websites (for example, forums and blogs) can sometimes be allegedly defamatory, and the website can be considered a publisher and therefore sued. In this event, our policy will pay for defence costs and damages.

Our policies also cover the following cyber risks

  • Data Breach
  • Computer Security Failure
  • Failure to disclose (a security breach)
  • Privacy Policy Failure
  • Regulatory Defence and Penalties
  • Website Media Content Liability
  • PCI (payment cards) fines and costs
  • Forensic Data Costs
  • Crisis Management costs

You must get employers’ liability insurance as soon as you become an employer – by (UK) law your policy must cover you for a minimum of £5 million and come from an authorised insurer.

We will pay defence costs and damages for claims arising from employee injury as a result of his or her employment.

Our policy will pay up to GBP 10,000,000.

Public & products liability insurance covers you for a claim for bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident occurring as a result of your business activity. We will pay defence costs and damages.

One such example could be a member of the public claiming “your game has given me video game addiction”. Whether or not this would hold up in court, you would still be required to address any such lawsuit and could rack up substantial legal costs and fees in defending your business.

Events Liability
Your GG Insurance policy also extends to liabilities while you attend events, exhibitions and conferences. However, you are not covered if you are organising the event itself.

Buildings insurance provides financial reimbursement to the owner or renter of a structure in the event of damage. We will indemnify you for property damage to your organisation’s Buildings plus tenants’ improvements.

Contents insurance covers you for your possessions and equipment. If you picked up your building and shook it, anything that would fall out would be deemed as contents. We can insure your office equipment at work or at home, including remote workers.

Your GG Insurance policy also includes the following extra coverages:

Reconstitution of Electronic and Non-Electronic Data
Your GG Insurance policy will pay for the rectification costs in reconstituting the data that you need to continue the delivery of your professional services up to GBP 10,000 per incident.

Contents away from your premises
We can cover your portable equipment such as laptops, anywhere in the world for theft or damage up to GBP 5,000 per incident

Exhibition Cover
Your GG Insurance policy will cover you for damage or theft at exhibitions up to GBP 5,000 per incident.

Business interruption insurance covers the loss of income that would have been earned, following a disaster.

For example, a flood at your premises may put the business on hold while you make alternative arrangements. This could mean your company is unable to generate income for the time your business has been interrupted for.

Our business interruption policy will cover that loss in income to enable you to pay the bills until the company is back on its feet.

Not only this, but your policy will also cover you for an additional increased cost of working. What this means is that when relocating to a temporary site, for example, the rent and other costs may be higher than normal. Your policy will cover reasonably incurred additional costs during a disruptive period for the purposes of minimising your loss of income.

We give our clients the option to add Multi-Trip Travel Insurance to their main policy for an additional fee. Upgrading your cover will give you and your colleagues peace of mind when it comes to travelling abroad or just around the UK. You'll be covered for an unlimited amount of trips within the 12 month period and you will be covered for worldwide trips (including USA & Canada).

Most of our policies come included with Legal Expenses cover.

Many of the aforementioned coverages are very specific in what they do, this covers a myriad of other possibilities to make sure you are widely protected as possible.

  • Employment Disputes
  • Employment Compensation Awards
  • Employment Restrictive Covenants
  • Tax Disputes
  • Property
  • Legal Defence
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Statutory Licence Appeals
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Personal Injury
  • Executive Suite
  • Crisis Communication
  • Contract & Debt Recovery

This also comes with the following helplines that you can access at any time throughout your policy

  • Business Legal Advice Helpline
  • Redundancy Assistance Helpline
  • Executive Suite & Identity Theft Resolution
  • Crisis Communication Helpline
  • Counselling Helpline

"Beazley Breach Response"

Any company that holds client data and has dealings in the European Union will be subject to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and any breach of client data or confidentiality could attract a substantial fine.

Your policy also includes the provision of Beazley Breach Response (BBR) services to respond to such a breach of data. This includes post-breach services supplied by pre-approved vendors and paid for by insurers.

BBR encompasses a wide range of services, from legal and forensics to credit monitoring and Data Patrol for your customers, to give you special protection against online fraud and identity theft. This is an especially useful service for companies as it demonstrates to customers (and regulators) that in the event of a breach, adequate services are in place to respond.

The BBR insurance limit is expressed as a number of individuals whose personal data is covered (rather than a monetary amount) making it easier to choose the appropriate insurance requirement.

We will pay for the costs to notify up to 5,000 individuals as standard including access to a dedicated call centre. We will also pay for legal and forensic expenses up to GBP 10,000.

Full details and instructions will be provided within your Policy Document.

In the event that a high-ranking individual (for example a key coder) suffers an incapacitating event or dies, GG Insurance will attempt to source a replacement through Executive Online Recruitment Ltd. If a suitable replacement is agreed, then we will pay the salary for up to 3 months or £50,000 (whichever is less).

Your GG Insurance policy also includes a website recovery service in partnership with DOSarrest Internet Security Ltd.

In the event that your website(s) or computer systems are attacked by a denial of service attack, we will pay on your behalf the cost of the DOS Technical Support Service to get you back up and running.

Full details and instructions will be provided within your Policy Document

At GG we pride ourselves on our flexibility and a close working relationship with you. Also amend the following – We also give you access to an online portal where you can view and download a variety of documents and contract templates, as well as receive further information and advice

What makes GG Insurance Services unique?

A specialist industry like Games and Esports needs specialist protection.

Professional approach

Bespoke products

Passionate about gaming

Specialist protection