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Goodbye to the games console - introducing Google’s revolutionary game streaming service ‘Stadia’

Goodbye to the games console - introducing Google’s revolutionary game streaming service ‘Stadia’

In March, Google revealed their brand new video gaming streaming platform and it is now on sale for £119 ($129/€129) including the controller and Chromecast Ultra. Imagine playing games without getting up to switch a console on, Stadia is a controller which allows players to link to the cloud via Chromecast dongles, turning your phone, computer or TV into the console.

Wave goodbye to your noisy console sitting under the TV with the fan whirring, farewell to the lengthy downloads and flimsy discs, the sleek controller even comes with a microphone to use Google Assistant if you want to ask a question about the games being played.

Google’s Vice President Phil Harrison said: "we're not the only ones thinking about this" he doesn’t think it’s that big of a leap forward in technology when you consider what's happened in the music, television and film industries. "They've moved from being packaged goods, discs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, to almost exclusively an online and streaming experience."

Stadia marks Google’s first venture into gaming, transforming the entire games industry and completely changing the way games are made and could even lead to brand new categories of design. This technological advancement means there’s big pressure for game developers to come up with innovative ideas and software compatible with the new cloud streaming technology. This means they’re entering uncharted territory and could have lasting implications of the future of their career.

The gaming industry is very competitive, this means independent and corporate video game developers will need to keep their ideas under strict lock and key until they are ready to launch their games. Companies are always wanting to be recognised for their ideas and ultimately make a profit, if the competition catch wind of your project, they might claim it as their own.

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